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Doula Services

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A Doula provides comprehensive, personalized support throughout the journey of pregnancy and birth. They are there for you every step along the way to help with everything from physical support, to information and advocacy, to spiritual support.

A Doula offers personalized care in home, clinic, or hospital before, during, and after birth in the form of comfort measures, such as soothing touch, massage, and counter pressure; physical support, such as bracing, suggesting positions, and sharing movements for optimal fetal placement; and emotional support, such as continuous presence, encouragement, reassurance, nonjudgemental acceptance, and debriefing. They also provide informational support, such as guiding, providing knowledge and evidence-based information, and offering non-medical pain relief options; advocacy, such as encouraging choice, supporting decisions made by the birthing person, facilitating communication with health providers, and amplifying the client's voice; and spiritual support, such as helping to work through fears and doubts, maintaining a safe and calm environment, and supporting birth rites.

The overall purpose of a Doula is to empower positive birth experiences by providing support that allows you to thrive on your birth journey and into the primal year of parenthood.

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