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About Us

The founders of The Well Body Group Christa, Tanya, and Tessa, have a combined 20+ years of experience working within the healthcare field to help alleviate pain, illness, and dysfunction and rediscover health. 

The 3 women have integrated their respective practices Fenelon Falls RMT and Kawartha Osteopathy to create a collaborative healthcare centre for the community, where each person is assessed as a unique individual in order to come up with the best treatment plan for their specific situation.  


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Through their experience Tanya, Tessa, and Christa have found over and over again that almost all dysfunction in the body can be traced back to either structural dysfunction, cognitive dysfunction, unhealthy lifestyle, or often some combination of the three. Their goal in creating the Well Body Group is to create a place where people can come with any health issue, be assessed on an individualized basis and have access to health professionals that can address all aspects of the underlying causes feeding into the problem. We offer the resources to address anything from pain, illness and disease to mental health care to general preventative care in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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