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Initial Intake Appointment: $120
Follow-Up Appointment: $85


 Osteopathy is a manual therapy in which the practitioner works with the collective mechanics of the entire body in order to realign the anatomical structure and facilitate the body's natural ability to heal and regulate. It is safe and beneficial for people for people aged 0-100. Rather than being focused specifically on the symptomatic area - osteopathy looks to the entire framework of the body in order to address the way the body works as a whole and may be feeding into the problem. Through factors such as postural problems and asymmetry across the body, trauma, and habits, we begin to create unequal loading into our joints and cause unnatural strain on certain areas as they work to bear more load or exert more force than they are designed to. In addition, as the body makes small anatomical adjustments to cope with these structural problems and compensate for them, the pathways of communication through the body become restricted. The blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatic system must travel between the muscles and bones to disperse through the body and if their pathways become restricted it can lead to a vast array of health complications beyond physical pain. Each treatment is a full body assessment and a full body treatment with the goal of restoring a healthy normal structure to the body in order to allow each joint to be loaded correctly, each muscle to have optimal tension, the blood, nerves, and lymph to flow without restriction. Once this occurs, the body has an innate ability to self-heal and self-regulate.  Conditions that could benefit from osteopathic care include:

❖    Chronic and Acute Pain

❖    Post-surgical care

❖    Arthritis

❖    Osteoporosis

❖    Scoliosis

❖    Sinus Issues

❖    TMJ problems


❖    Women’s Health

❖    Maternity Care

❖    Lactation and Breastfeeding

❖    Infant Colic

❖    Bed Wetting

❖    Sleep Conscerns

❖     Digestive problems


❖    Long Covid

❖    Auto-immune Disease

❖    Post-Concussion Syndrome

❖    Headaches, Migraines, and Vertigo

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