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Tina Harrington RP

Life moves extremely fast. We get used to making decisions in a split second. Self-care is often placed on the back burner. Many people do not pause to consider their own mental wellbeing and it is no wonder that we can all end up experiencing stress, fatigue, anxiety, or depression at some point in our adult lives. Tina is a Registered Psychotherapist with over twenty years of experience and what she offers is a safe, non-judgmental approach to help you learn and practice skills that are intended to slow down our overactive minds. She invite clients to consider how their thinking affects their overall mood and in turn, their behaviour and choices. The overall goal is to assist her clients with having more control over their thoughts and emotions and being more present in their lives. She can assist with life transitions, making positive changes and helping guide people to practice better self-care and feel more balanced. If you are interested in hearing more about her experience, approaches, or just to connect to see if you believe psychotherapy can assist you, contact her for a free ten-minute consultation.

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