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We offer a variety of resources to support your growing family right from conception through to childhood and adolecense. The journey into parenthood comes with lots of new terrain and challenges to navigate. We have the tools to help ensure you and your little ones stay healthy along that journey so that you can focus on the joys of being a parent.

Prenatal care:

We are here to support your pregnancy through resoures such as osteopathic and massage therapy prenatal care, and Doula servicvces.

An Osteopathic Practitioner is able to help you maintain proper body alignment throughout all of the changes that pregnancy brings, helping to reduce pregnancy aches and pain, relieve headaches and nausea, improve energy levels, and ensure proper pelvic alignment in order to facilitate an optimal birth.

Massage therapy can help relax muscle tension that comes with carrying a pregnancy as well as facilitate relaxation and reduce stress.

A Doula offers personalized care in home, clinic, or hospital before, during, and after birth in order to empower positive birth experiences by providing support that allows you to thrive on your birth journey and into the primal year of parenthood.

Post-Partum Care:

We offer a variety of post-partum counselling options to help you navigate the transition into parenthood. From individual support for conditions such as post-partum depression, to couples counselling, to general mental wellness support, we are here to help you find and maintain mental wellness as your family grows.

We also offer a variety of physical therapies such as massage therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, and reflexology to help your body recover after birth.

Infant Care:

Many common infant conscerns such as colic, latching difficulties, digestive problems, weight gain issues, and sleep issues, as well as structural conscerns such as torticolis, hip dysplasia, and flat heads can be traced back to a structural problem in the body and may be corrected with osteopathic care.

The birth process is not always perfect and there are many factors that could lead to structural conscerns in an infant such as in utero positioning, abdnormal birthing position (e.g. breach), birth trauma, long labour, and maternal stress. Having your baby assessed by an osteopathic practitioner within the first month of life will enable you to catch any structural restriction or dysfunction early and allow for early correction and a healthy infant.

Child Care:

All of our therapies are safe for children as well as adults. Children can benefit from regular check ups and physical care the same way that adults can. Starting them on a preventative maintenance plan at an early age can help ensure proper physical development and reduce the risk of health problems later in life.

We also offer family counselling services including couples counselling, childrens counselling, and family counselling to help you navigate the challenges you may face as your family grows. We offer a safe, non-judgmental approach to help you learn and practice skills that allow you to communicate safely, and effectively as a family.

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