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Jennifer Browning RSW

Jennifer is a Registered Social Worker with a Bachelor’s degree from Laurentian University and a

Master’s degree from the University of Toronto. Jennifer worked in crisis intervention for over 10 years

and has been providing counselling and therapy for over 8 years.

Jennifer has worked extensively with individuals of all genders and ages who have experienced trauma,

including first stage trauma, complex trauma and historical trauma. She works with people who are

experiencing general mental health conditions as well as people living with psychiatric disorders.

Jennifer specializes in combining cognitive-based, more traditional therapy modalities with a holistic

approach that recognizes the connection between mind, body and soul, including regulation of the

nervous system. Jennifer is trained in many modalities including CBT, DBT, CFT, MI, Mindfulness,

Narrative Therapy and Poly Vagal Theory.

What sets Jennifer apart is her ability to meet clients where they are in their therapeutic journey.

Jennifer focuses on the person as a whole and tailors her approach to individual client needs.

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